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Email Your Press Release to Massmedia Editors

Content dots Marketing with press releases

You may have designed and manufactured the best product, but it means nothing without proper marketing. Getting massmedia coverage for your product or service is critical for your marketing efforts. You can distribute your press release via PR channels, like Google News or But it is also very important to get a press release email in front of editors & journalists from your market niche.

Content dots Where to email your press releases?

All important publications display an email address where you can email your press release. If you don't want to spend time gathering a list of press release email addresses, then you can use an email press release service. Almost every industry has its own email press release providers, you just have to find them. For example, if you run a software business, you would use DPDirectory or SoftPressRelease.

Before emailing your press release, please make sure that:

  • You do not spam editors & reporters, by sending them a press release that is not related to their interests or vertical industry. There is no point in sending a press release about home design to editors from the medical industry;

  • Do not send the same press release to more than one editor of a publication;

  • Be swift and concise. The editor should be able to understand your press release content only by reading the email subject line;

  • As much as possible, try to approach the editor or journalist, asking if you can send them your press release, before actually sending the press release itself. This will raise their interest and you will have much better chances to be featured in one of their articles;

  • Make sure your press releases are emailed individually. Use a mail merge program, like Easy Mail Merge, to generate individual email messages for each editor email address;

  • Do not write the email press release subject line with CAPITAL LETTERS. This will annoy editors and it will not make them more interested in your press release email;

  • Do not email the press release during weekends. According to statistics, the best days for emailing a press release are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Content dots Should you personalize press release emails?

    Some people say it is better to keep it simple, so editors will only have to copy/paste your press release message to their articles. Other say it is even better to attract the editor's attention, by personalizing the email subject line or greeting text with the editor's name or publication title.

    When you are about to send a press release by email, try to increase its success rate by personalizing each press release for each editor or publication. It's simple: when you gather the email addresses for your press release email distribution, include the publication name and the editor name that is supposed to be interested in your presss release. You would end up having a table with 3 columns: email address, publication name, editor name.

    Then, you can use an email program capable of personalizing mass emails, like Easy Mail Merge. Just import your source data (for example as a CSV file) and personalize the press release content by using the mail merge features.

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