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Outlook Connectors

dots What is an Outlook Connector?

Usually, an Outlook Connector refers to a program (normally an Outlook add-in) designed to make Outlook connect to various applications or servers. For example, if Outlook does not have native support to connect to a mail server running a less common email protocol, a connector may be used to translate that protocol into readable Outlook input.

dots Microsoft Outlook Connector for Windows Live / Hotmail

Earlier Microsoft Outlook versions (like Outlook 2000) had built-in support for Hotmail accounts: you could add a Hotmail account to your Outlook profile by selecting Hotmail as your mail provider. Starting with Outlook 2003, this support was taken out. In exchange, Microsoft released the Outlook Connector add-in for Hotmail Live.

The Microsoft Outlook Connector allows you to send & receive emails through Outlook, for your Hotmail Live account. Moreover, it allows you to syncronize your local Outlook profile (Contacts, emails) with your web based Hotmail Live setup.

Outlook Connector

In order to use the Outlook Connector for Hotmail, you have to download & install the Outlook Connector add-in. The connector is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (x32 and x64). According to various tests, the connector is not yet compatible with the pre-release versions of the upcoming Office Outlook 2010.

dots Other Outlook Connector Plugins

Various 3rd party applications, servers or devices offer their own connector interface for Outlook. Below we have tried to summarize them. In case we missed any, please feel free to email us and suggest the missing Outlook connector.

  • Outlook Connector for MDaemon
  • This Outlook Connector allows you to connect Outlook to MDaemon email servers, so you can benefit from the MDaemon email, groupware and collaboration functionality. |more details|

  • Outlook GroupWare Connector
  • The Groupware Connector add-in for Outlook is designed to syncronize all Outlook data to a Groupware server. |more details|

  • The Open-Source Outlook Connector Project
  • These open-source Outlook connector add-ins extend the Microsoft Outlook functionality with email and calendar servers to groupware servers other than Microsoft Exchange. |more details|

  • Outlook Connector for Lotus Domino
  • This Outlook Connector add-in allows users to access IBM Lotus Domino R5 or R6 servers by using the Microsoft Outlook interface. The connector is designed to work with Outlook 2002/2003. It allows users to connect to the Lotus Domino email messages, calendar, scheduling, address book and to-do items. |more details|

  • Kinamu Outlook Connector
  • This Outlook 2007 connector application allows Outlook users to connect to the SugarCRM platform. |more details|

    dots Related Outlook Utilities

  • Email Address Collector
  • Email Address Collector is an email extractor program designed to help you extract email addresses from your Outlook mailboxes (mail folders & messages, Contacts, distribution lists). Once extracted, you can save the email addresses to standard CSV files, ready to be imported in any other email system.

  • Outlook Add-in Utility
  • This Outlook add-in management tool is delivered as a free add-on of Bells & Whistles for Outlook. It allows you to view & manage all installed Outlook add-ins, including Outlook connector add-ins, no matter if they are active, inactive, disabled or hidden.

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