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Fully Fledged Email Extractor

Our email extractor can collect email addresses from contacts or emails of Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird or local files & folders

Email Address Collector is an email extractor software designed to extract email addresses and contacts from the email folders of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and other popular email clients.

Not only that it can extract addresses from regular mail folders, but it can also search and extract contacts from local address books, such as Outlook Contacts or Windows Address Book. Even more, our email extractor program can search for email addresses in Office or PDF documents. The email extractor software also supports Microsoft Exchange folders, so you can directly extract email addresses from Exchange server items, such as shared mail folders or global distribution lists!

The goal of our email extractor is to let you easily create and manage mailing lists, by harvesting your Inbox or other email folders and extracting email addresses for mass email management. You can use the email extractor to create mailing lists with email addresses found in certain mail folders or you can use its advanced email extractor filtering options to extract email addresses only from delivery-failed emails.

Once email addresses are extracted, you will see them displayed on the session list of Email Address Collector. Then, you can save the list of extracted addresses to CSV files or you can even export the list to your desired Outlook Contacts folder. As an alternative, you can simply copy the extracted addresses from the email extractor window to your Windows clipboard, then paste the items to your desired application.

By playing with its advanced filtering options, you can use our email extractor for sorting and collecting only specific contacts. For example, you can have it to extract addresses only from Inbox emails received during a certain time period, matching a specific subject or being sent from a custom domain names list.

DS Email Address Collector

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Email Extractor Features

The DS Development email extractor program allows you to define complex filtering options for the email extraction process:
email extractor filters

Our email extractor program can search, filter and collect email addresses and alias names from:

  • mail folders or email messages of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird or any other MAPI compliant email client software;
  • Contacts defined in Outlook Contacts, Outlook Distribution Lists, Windows Address Book, Thunderbird Contacts, Microsoft Exchange Global Lists, MSN Messenger;
  • local documents, such as doc, xls, or pdf files;
  • any ASCII files, such as txt, csv or else.

    Outlook Email Extractor

    Email Address Collector can be easily used as an Outlook email extractor. Our email extractor can search Outlook folders or email messages and extract email addresses, based on various filtering options. Moreover, the email extractor can collect contacts from Outlook Contacts folders or it can create Contacts based on extracted addresses. Email Address Collector can also be used as an email extractor for other MAPI compliant email products, such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

    Email Extractor for Local Files

    Our email extractor product supports several other sources for the email extraction process, such as MSN Messenger contacts, Windows Address Book, Microsoft Office documents, plain text files and many more. With our email extractor, you can get email addresses from any local file, eliminate duplicates and export the collected addresses as Outlook Contacts or as Outlook distribution lists.

    Email Extractor Schema

    email extractor

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    Email extractor = a software program designed to extract e-mail addresses from data files, such as email folders, local folders, web pages and/or database sources. Do not confuse "email extractor" with "email spider", which is a program designed to search web pages for whatever email addresses it can find.

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