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Author:  liofr [ Sun Nov 12, 2006 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  precision

because speaking french if i understand emarge mail can
1) send each email to be send to a single recipient so the mail send don't show list of email that is send by us
2) don't manage recurrence of sending email like Sendlater do
I see merge mail can be create with mergemail and the mail store in default directory have to be transfer (copy/delete/copy ) to Sendlater directory to manage schedule.Seem Sendlater don't support mail using send by lot every same period of time.
3) import only contact not contact embendding in group list
I test send 5 mail : each mail is sending to same email adresse every 4 minutes
I have a look to outlook directory where this mails are store before sending and all the emails are still here 4 minute after.
It seem i have to select send/receive button of outlook to send mail create by easy merge mail but the other email don't send automaticly !!!
i use in the same time a webmail and the time is the same , time is when i clik using send/receive default button in outlook !!!
i ll not clik every 4 minutes by hand isnt it ?
don't know if i can close outlook application or window xp OS when schedule date have been configure.
Is the send /receive Window/"bar" of outlook must appear during the sending of mail create using easy mergemail mail ?

Don't understand !!!

Author:  DsDev [ Mon Nov 13, 2006 6:53 am ]
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When schedulling a mail merge session, you must make sure that the Outlook Send & Receive period is smaller or equal to the send period specified on Easy Mail Merge.

So, if you wish to send 1 email at every 4 minutes, you must configure Outlook to do an automatic send & receive every 4 minutes or less. To configure it, from Outlook go to Tools -> Send and Receive -> Send/Receive Settings -> Define Send/Receive Groups -> Schedule automatic send and receive every X minutes (where X must be smaller or equal to the mail merge send period).

Outlook must be running while the email messages are schedulled to be send.

I hope it helps,

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