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"Send" button disappears, then doesn't work
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Author:  otis [ Mon May 07, 2007 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  "Send" button disappears, then doesn't work


I just installed easy mail merge on a computer with running Vista - I am using however outlook 2003. I went through the process of queuing up the mail normally, by starting the merge tool, selecting a .csv I'd created, and continuing. Then the Word window opened to allow me to enter my text to send in the merge. for some reason the text, which I had pasted on the clipboard previously, was not available, so i went to the program where I had the text open in another window, copied it to the clipboard, and toggled back to Easy mail Merge. When I got back to the window, the easy mail merge toolbar was gone from the mail editor. I right-clicked, found the toolbar there, and "checked" it. However, once the toolbar was back on, when i hit the "send" button, nothing happened. I then repeated the process to see if I could get the message to send while the EasyMailMerge toolbar was on the mail editor when it first appears. It did give me the "are you sure you want to send personal mails" message, so apparently it would send the merge if I carried through at that point. Problem was, I didn't have any text ready to go as the text was going to be pasted in by me, and since it disappeared from the clipboard, I would have to toggle away from easymailmerge. Every time I would do that, I would lose the "send" button, and when I rechecked it on the toolbars, it would not work - again nothing would happen when I clicked it.

Help Please!

Author:  DsDev [ Mon May 07, 2007 8:26 pm ]
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Please do a simple test: change the default Outlook email editor from MS Word to the Outlook internal editor (from the main Outlook window, go to Tools -> Options -> Mail Format -> unmark the MS Word options, then create a new mail merge session and see if you still have those copy/paste/send button problems.

If it works fine, the easiest/fastest solution is to always use the Outlook internal email editor when using Easy Mail Merge. If this is not good for you, we will try to find a solution for using MS Word.

The point is: from time to time, we get feedback from customers who can't use the Easy Mail Merge toolbar when using MS Word on Outlook 2003. We can't replicate this problem on our tests and for sure it is not a general problem, because the vast majority of Outlook 2003 customers don't have this problem. So it must be related to a certain setup (for example, 3rd party Outlook add-ins, some less than obvious Outlook settings, etc).

Kind regards,

Author:  otis [ Tue May 08, 2007 10:09 pm ]
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Hello, thanks for the response. I'll try the solution you propose I'm not by the computer now but I'll try it later. I don't need to use the MS word editor, it must have been set up by Default in outlook. I am using a new computer so I just installed MS Office as well as the Easy Mail merge.

I'll try to write back on this forum and let you know how I get on

Author:  Lance [ Fri Jun 22, 2007 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "Send" button disappears, then doesn't work

I am having the same problem. Swapping to using the inbuilt email editor seems to have fixed the problem, however, I greatly prefer using the word editor. So if the problem can be fixed to allow the use of the word editor, that would be a great thing.

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