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Email Sentinel Pro

Disable Unsafe attachments: Email Sentinel Pro

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Content dots Unsafe Executable File Extensions

Here is a list of unsafe executable file extensions which you should disable from reaching your mailbox folders. In order to disable them, you have to activate the attachments filter of your Email Sentinel Pro copy and to insert the unsafe file extensions (as *.xxx).

ADE Microsoft Access Project Extension
ADP Microsoft Access Project
BAS Visual Basic Class Module
BAT Batch File
CHM Compiled HTML Help File
CMD Windows NT Command Script
COM MS-DOS Application
CPL Control Panel Extension
CRT Security Certificate
DLL Dynamic Link Library
DO* Word Documents and Templates
EXE Application
HLP Windows Help File
HTA HTML Applications
INF Setup Information File
INS Internet Communication Settings
ISP Internet Communication Settings
JS JScript File
JSE JScript Encoded Script File
LNK Shortcut
MDB Microsoft Access Application
MDE Microsoft Access MDE Database
MSC Microsoft Common Console Document
MSI Windows Installer Package
MSP Windows Installer Patch
MST Visual Test Source File
OCX ActiveX Objects
PCD Photo CD Image
PIF Shortcut to MS-DOS Program
POT PowerPoint Templates
PPT PowerPoint Files
REG Registration Entries
SCR Screen Saver
SCT Windows Script Component
SHB Document Shortcut File
SHS Shell Scrap Object
SYS System Config/Driver
URL Internet Shortcut
VB VBScript File
VBE VBScript Encoded Script File
VBS VBScript Script File
WSC Windows Script Component
WSF Windows Script File
WSH Windows Scripting Host Settings File
XL* Excel Files and Templates

Download Product Learn More ScreenShots of Email Sentinel Pro Email Sentinel Pro FAQ

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