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Email Sentinel Pro

How to stop email viruses with Email Sentinel Pro

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Content dots How it works:

Email Sentinel Pro acts as a cache between your POP3, IMAP or HTTP email client software and your mail server. While you are receiving your emails through your favourite email client, Email Sentinel Pro will scan the messages before they reach your Inbox, preventing you from receiving viruses, spam or spyware content.

Email Sentinel Pro will convert incoming email messages to harmless messages. As a result, you will be able to safely view all your incoming mail, without being afraid that someone would spy on you. Using the White List feature, you can define contacts from which you trust to receive email messages and attachments.

Plus, if you wish to keep a copy of the original messages, Email Sentinel Pro can keep a backup archive of your incoming mails, before they were converted to harmless messages.

Using the Security features of Email Sentinel Pro, you can choose to erase images, HTML forms or dangerous scripts from your incoming messages, before they reach your Inbox. Moreover, you can secure email attachments by password protecting them using encryption technologies.

Download Product Purchase Email Address Manager Products ScreenShots of Email Sentinel Pro

Content dots Configuration Tabs

  • Email Account Properties: you can choose the settings of your email client application. Email Sentinel Pro was designed to work with any email client software, including MS-Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, Thunderbird, IncrediMail, etc. Most of them are using the POP3/IMAP protocoles, but if you are unsure about the data transmission technology, just let Email Sentinel Pro to select the incoming mail server type.
    More: how to select your email account type.

  • Email Protection Levels: Email Sentinel Pro offers 5 protection levels, tailored for your needs. Depending on each level, it can quarantine attachments, block scripts, convert every incoming email to harmless text messages and many more.
    More: how to prevent spammers to verify your email address.

  • Attachments Filtering: you can select which email attachments to avoid from being received in your Inbox folder. Plus, you can let Email Sentinel Pro to handle email messages attached to incoming emails (a common spamming technique). In order to secure incoming attachments, you can password protect them.
    More: how to block attachments from reaching your email box.

  • WhiteList Members: being fully integrated with your Windows Address Book and MSN/Win Messenger contacts, Email Sentinel Pro lets you to easily define trusted contacts, which Email Sentinel Pro will skip from the protection process. For example, if you don't want to receive EXE files attached to emails, but your friend John Smith must send you an EXE file and you want to receive it, then you can just add John Smith to the White List contacts.
    More: selecting which senders to trust and which to deny.

  • Quarantine: Email Sentinel Pro can automatically create backup copies of your original incoming emails, although you will receive the converted plain text emails in your Inbox. You can choose the backup folder from this tab.
    More: how to backup original messages with Email Sentinel Pro.

  • Activity Reports: Email Sentinel Pro automatically generates traffic reports about the number of incoming emails, attachments and many more. You can export these reports to HTML documents.
    More: generating email traffic reports.

  • Miscellaneous: you can select your mail server settings (port number, server timeouts, buffer size). Please leave these settings untouched, unless you know for sure what your real settings are. Email Sentinel Pro can also keep a log of the received emails.

    Download Product Purchase Email Address Manager Products ScreenShots of Email Sentinel Pro

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